Our annual Youth Summer Event was quite a success this year. We had five churches from the Southwest join us to worship the Lord, study His Word, and serve those around us. We cherish the memories we’re able to make year after year!

This year we remodeled some rooms for an elderly lady here in town. We were able to build a handicap ramp for an elderly man. We also did some renovation work for a young couple’s new baby room; they’re expecting their first child. Of course we did tons of yard work and other misc. chores around town as we usually do.

We had a great Holy Spirit night and saw several students baptized with the Holy Spirit as well as a few being water baptized the following day. And of course we’d like to thank the best kitchen staff in the world for all the wonderful meals they provided! Thank you Alma, Judith, and Patty!!

As you know, everything is pretty much in order for the School of Ministry; which hopefully will be opening its doors this October. The curriculum is complete, classes and dates are set, the website is up and running, applications are being accepted at this time, and online classes are now available. However, in order to open the school as planned this October, I have to get my family out of the school building and into our house to make room for the students.

We still have quite a ways to go before we can move in. Feel free to check the website for a detailed list of what still needs to be done. We’re ALWAYS happy to take in any volunteers that would like to come help in any way. Our main objective is to move in before the School’s October start date.

Our friends Alan and Treena came to visit! Alan and I (with the help of the city) were able to get our sewer line dug up and patched an area of collapsed pipe. Thanks Alan!!! 

Also, a group from Calvalry Community Church in Cedar Rapids, IA volunteered to come down to help work on the house and made A LOT of progress. They were able to get abut 90% of both the plumbing and electrical work completed. Thank you Jeremy, Dave, Paul, Ray, Tim, and June!!!!

We’re excited to announce we now have 2 online students enrolled in the School of Ministry. We also have our first offical applicant to attend the school here On-Campus. We’re excited to see where the Lord takes all this!

As August approaches, the Lord has provided two speaking opportunities: I’ll be teaching August 13th in Cedar Rapids, IA and then going to Albuquerque, NM to teach at a men’s retreat August 18-20. Please keep these events in prayer; that the Lord would move in a mighty way!

Hosea 10:12