Summer 2017 Updates


Our annual Youth Summer Event was quite a success this year. We had five churches from the Southwest join us to worship the Lord, study His Word, and serve those around us. We cherish the memories we’re able to make year after year!

This year we remodeled some rooms for an elderly lady here in town. We were able to build a handicap ramp for an elderly man. We also did some renovation work for a young couple’s new baby room; they’re expecting their first child. Of course we did tons of yard work and other misc. chores around town as we usually do.

We had a great Holy Spirit night and saw several students baptized with the Holy Spirit as well as a few being water baptized the following day. And of course we’d like to thank the best kitchen staff in the world for all the wonderful meals they provided! Thank you Alma, Judith, and Patty!!

As you know, everything is pretty much in order for the School of Ministry; which hopefully will be opening its doors this October. The curriculum is complete, classes and dates are set, the website is up and running, applications are being accepted at this time, and online classes are now available. However, in order to open the school as planned this October, I have to get my family out of the school building and into our house to make room for the students.

We still have quite a ways to go before we can move in. Feel free to check the website for a detailed list of what still needs to be done. We’re ALWAYS happy to take in any volunteers that would like to come help in any way. Our main objective is to move in before the School’s October start date.

Our friends Alan and Treena came to visit! Alan and I (with the help of the city) were able to get our sewer line dug up and patched an area of collapsed pipe. Thanks Alan!!! 

Also, a group from Calvalry Community Church in Cedar Rapids, IA volunteered to come down to help work on the house and made A LOT of progress. They were able to get abut 90% of both the plumbing and electrical work completed. Thank you Jeremy, Dave, Paul, Ray, Tim, and June!!!!

We’re excited to announce we now have 2 online students enrolled in the School of Ministry. We also have our first offical applicant to attend the school here On-Campus. We’re excited to see where the Lord takes all this!

As August approaches, the Lord has provided two speaking opportunities: I’ll be teaching August 13th in Cedar Rapids, IA and then going to Albuquerque, NM to teach at a men’s retreat August 18-20. Please keep these events in prayer; that the Lord would move in a mighty way!

Hosea 10:12


Spring 2017


As many of you may know already, we have completed the curriculum for the School of Ministry. We’re extremely grateful to be used of the Lord in such an endeavor and we pray that this ministry will grow to be very fruitful. The curriculum, The Bible Study Course can be found online at in two ways:

First, for personal use. If anyone would like to study the Bible using this curiculum, but without the expense of “school prices”, they can purchase The Bible Study Course from the website above. Second, the online School. On the same website above, one could sign up for the online classes. Upon completion of the school, students will receive a Certificate of Complettion.

The only difference between the two versions is the testing. The school version comes with tests as well as teacher interaction as you go through The Bible Study Course. Otherwise, the content is identical.

We’ve used “A focused approach to studying the Bible” as somewhat of a tagline for The Bible Study Course, as each book of the Bible is broken down into manageable outlines and features over 30 hours of audio commentary that corresponds directly with those outlines. The simple idea is that you read the scriptures according to the outline of the book of the Bible you’re studying, listen to the commentary, re-read those scriptures, and journal what the Lord has shown you. Then share some, or all, of what you’ve learned that day with someone else.

On personal matters, I’ve upgraded and installed 200amp electrical service for our house; and we’re waiting for the power company to come and install the meter. LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! We’ve done everything we can do towards the house without having electricity. Once the power is on, we’ll be able to cut out a cast iron sewer line that’s rotted out and begin running our new plumbing.

Our annual Youth Summer Event is approaching very quickly. This year our theme will be centered on Faith. 1. Faith in the Word, 2. Faith in Creation, 3. Sharing our Faith, and 4. The Holy Spirit, who empowers that Faith.

We’re still waiting on the Lord for exactly the right community projects to work on. We have a running list of various things that need to be addressed and hope to hear from the Lord soon on which one(s) to pursue.

As always, we covet your prayers for what God is doing here in Wilsey.


Benjamin, Megan, Evelynn, Ezekiel, and Lucy


Winter 2017 Updates


Hey everyone! Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to the past few months:

Last December the Lord impressed on my heart to put all efforts and attention into completing the Bible Study Course curriculum as quickly as possible. I had set a personal goal for completing the 2nd workbook before Christmas. That goal was achieved… and then some! By mid-January we had the first 4 workbooks fully completed and was almost halfway through the 5th. Even further along now, we’re on pace for having the entire curriculum completed in April. It seems as if our other goal of accepting students for the School of Ministry for Fall of 2017 could be in order.

Putting all of our attention toward the Bible Study Course has kept us from progressing on our house-to-be; which is currently just a shell. We still have a long way to go in order to move in. The work involved isn’t too hard; we’re capable of doing it ourselves (a handful of guys that is), but it obviously requires money. We’ve been saving what we can to purchase misc items needed. In order for the School of Ministry to open its doors to students, our family will need to move out first as we’re living in the student’s living quarters. We trust the Lord for His faithful provision and are leaving it in His hands. If God places it on your heart to contribute toward this cause, feel free to contact us.

At the end of January, God allowed me to travel to Arizona and speak at the ‘Return to the Old Path’ Conference in Tempe, AZ. What a blessed time! The teaching of the Word from all the pastors and speakers was powerful and much needed on my part. I was strengthened, edified, and encouraged that the work God has called us to here in Wilsey, isn’t in vain; but rather still very much a need in the body of Christ. We covet your prayers for what God is doing here in Wilsey. By next quarter, or sooner, we hope to announce the completion of the Bible Study Course curriculum as well as plenty of updates concerning the annual Youth Summer Event in June.


Ringing in the New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!!

With the New Year brings good tidings so far around here; His Church – Fellowship of Wilsey now officially owns the buildings we’re currently operating in!!! Woohoo! For those that have been here, I’m  specifically referring to the Main Building (aka. “the big brick one”, “the hosanna building”, or “the one where we meet” – we’ll come up with a better and more official name for it later) as well as the Girls’ Dorm.

We wrapped up the year by completing the recordings for the Bible Study Course’s audio commentary for the whole Old Testament. My original goal was to have the first two workbooks of the Course completed by Christmas. I met that goal with time to spare and am venturing to complete as much as possible before the end of January when I travel to Arizona for the “Return to the Old Path – Word and Spirit Conference” at His Church Tri-City. As of now, I’m well on pace to having the first four workbooks (there are 6 total) completed by the end of January. All thats left for that to be accomplished is to edit what’s been recorded.

On the personal side of things; Megan’s dad, Jim, has been visiting us. He arrived on December 15th and plans to leave on January 9th. We don’t get visitors too often so its a joy to have someone around! The kids getting to spend time with their grandpa is proving to be priceless in their eyes. He’s traveling by train, and from all his stories and descriptions, that might be my new travel of choice for long distances! Two days before Christmas, our youngest daughter, Lucy (18 months), was running across our bed, tripped over some blankets, and crashed face-first into the corner of the footboard. It hit her (HARD) right between the eyes leaving a deep cut; blood was everywhere. We ran her to the E.R. in the next town over and she got 3 stitches. Lucy is well on the mend now. She had her stitches removed the other day and everything seems to be healing up nicely. You can see all the “before and afters” on our social media.

Looking towards the future, I still have a lot of things to pray about and discern concerning the ministry. I can picture some things I’d like to do, and where to do them, with the Aquaponics Farming; but for now I’m referring to them as ideas and not visions. I’m still waiting to hear whether its from the Lord or not. Also, I’d be blessed beyond belief if I were able to finish up the Bible Study Course in its entirety by June. It would make this year’s summer trip for the youth a memorable one; announcing the opening of the School of Ministry. Its certainly possible, but quite advantageous at the same time. I have to make more of an effort to get into our house. As you may or may not know, our family of 5…plus 4 dogs…and as of last summer, a cat; we’re all living in a studio apartment thats about 400 sqft. This is our second winter in the apartment. The situation is wearing thin on the family. Balancing the priorities of working on the house and the Bible Study Course curriculum (which seems as if it could be the primary source of income towards the house) is kind of a game of teeter-totter.

Its been a long while since I’ve posted about any house updates. It’s current status is that its basically a shell at this point. I’ll begin running the wiring either sporadically this month or waiting until February when I return from the conference. The work that remains is: electrical, plumbing, and insulating/drywall. We’re also tossing around the idea of whether or not to pursue adding on a small section to the south side of the house. If its going to be done; doing while the whole house is gutted would be the smartest time to do it.

We covet your prayers and look forward to what the Lord has in store for His ministry here in Wilsey in 2017. God bless!


Wilsey 2017 Logo


We’ve added a new logo design for the 2017 Wilsey Trip to The logo includes this year’s theme verse: Hosea 10:12, “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, til he come and rain righteousness upon you.”


We encourage you to prayerfully consider ordering a t-shirt and help support the ministry here in Wilsey. If you’re compelled to order, don’t forget to explore different styles and colors to customize it to your liking! Here’s some examples:


Also, feel free to explore this artwork printed on other items such as Phone Cases, Pillows, Coffee mugs, and more!


Shirts and Apparel now available!


We’ve created a few designs for our annual summer events that are now available for purchase! tShirts, vNecks, tank tops, and hoodies are all available in numerous sizes and colors. Every purchase helps support this ministry.

Official “Youth Revival Crusade” Apparel here