So my wife and I were talking about a few things we were noticing within our family; things we weren’t too pleased with. Then, this morning, I read this:

“The true test of Christianity isn’t in the Church but in the home. It isn’t how saintly or godly you can act in the church, it’s how your Christianity works in practical, everyday, living situations.

If I can’t live the Christian life in the home, then I’m only a phony when I live it outside. It isn’t difficult to look and act like a Christian when we come to church. We come, we sing, we worship the Lord, and we get “in the Spirit.” I’m not saying that we’re insincere – but it has to be demonstrated in the home, too.

I need to live the Christian life around those closest to me, those whom I rub shoulders with daily. My relationship with Christ should definitely affect my relationship with my wife. And because of my relationship with Christ, I should have a better relationship with my children.

Our Christian experience should find its expression within our home relationships. But, we must confess at the outset, the application of Christian principles isn’t easy. We can attest to the truth and acknowledge and desire what is right, but the difficulty arises in putting it into practice.

The blending of two lives into one is never a smooth operation. There are always those difficulties that arise. Thus, we find the market flooded with books on marriage. People are buying these books and pouring through them in the hope of discovering some new secret formula for a happy and peaceful relationship in their homes.

The situation is similar to the perennial problem of weight control. Everyone is coming up with a new scheme promising the answer. “Without dieting or exercising you can lose 50 pounds! Very simple! Just mail $10 for these exciting secrets.” We’re always looking for that easy road to happiness and success.

In reality, there is no easy road. A successful, happy relationship takes a lot of work. The blending of two lives into one is a difficult experience.

Paul was very wise in saying, “And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.” (Colossians 3:14). It is only through the love of God working in and through our lives – and our yielding to that love – that we can ever come to a successful, happy blending of our two lives into one.”

Yes Lord. Above all, we’ll put on charity.