Here is what we have ahead of us concerning the house.

1. Level the floor in the Living Room. Someone had previously installed a floor heater previously and in doing so, cut through the floor joists in the Living Room. The house sags a bit towards this weakened area. We need to jack the house up and repair or add support to the joists.
– Needs – (1-2) 30 Ton Jacks? Not entirely sure, would love some advice.

2. Repair section of Foundation Wall. There is a section of the foundation wall (about 4-5ft) that needs to be built back up. The large limestone rocks appear to all be there; but need to be put back in place and refortified.
**The damage does NOT appear to be causing any structural concerns**
– Needs – perhaps hire a professional crew?

3. Wiring, Plumbing, and Duct work. Pretty much the whole house needs to be rewired. New plumbing will be needed to add a master bathroom and laundry room upstairs. Someone had previously built a closet to house the gas furnace and hot water heater. Unfortunately this closet takes up 1/3 of what will be the kitchen. We can use the closet as a pantry but the furnace and hot water heater need to be moved into the root cellar or perhaps the attic. Duct work will need to be run throughout.
– Needs – at least 1 Tub/shower, at least 1 toilet. Duct work material (I would like to run the ductwork in the crawl space and install floor vents – and Lord willing, if we’re able to get a 2nd gas furnace, to run duct work in attic and install ceiling vents for upstairs). The rest is to be determined. Still need to plan out where outlets, plumbing fixtures, and floor/ceiling vents need to go.

4. Insulation and Drywall.

5. Install Kitchen cabinets.

6. Build an awning to re-route water from getting into root cellar.

At this point the house should be livable and we could move in.

7. Vinyl siding. About 1/2 of the West side of the house is missing Vinyl Siding.

8. Shingles. A small amount (I believe) of shingle work needs to be done on the South side of the roof.