Happy New Year everyone!!

With the New Year brings good tidings so far around here; His Church – Fellowship of Wilsey now officially owns the buildings we’re currently operating in!!! Woohoo! For those that have been here, I’m  specifically referring to the Main Building (aka. “the big brick one”, “the hosanna building”, or “the one where we meet” – we’ll come up with a better and more official name for it later) as well as the Girls’ Dorm.

We wrapped up the year by completing the recordings for the Bible Study Course’s audio commentary for the whole Old Testament. My original goal was to have the first two workbooks of the Course completed by Christmas. I met that goal with time to spare and am venturing to complete as much as possible before the end of January when I travel to Arizona for the “Return to the Old Path – Word and Spirit Conference” at His Church Tri-City. As of now, I’m well on pace to having the first four workbooks (there are 6 total) completed by the end of January. All thats left for that to be accomplished is to edit what’s been recorded.

On the personal side of things; Megan’s dad, Jim, has been visiting us. He arrived on December 15th and plans to leave on January 9th. We don’t get visitors too often so its a joy to have someone around! The kids getting to spend time with their grandpa is proving to be priceless in their eyes. He’s traveling by train, and from all his stories and descriptions, that might be my new travel of choice for long distances! Two days before Christmas, our youngest daughter, Lucy (18 months), was running across our bed, tripped over some blankets, and crashed face-first into the corner of the footboard. It hit her (HARD) right between the eyes leaving a deep cut; blood was everywhere. We ran her to the E.R. in the next town over and she got 3 stitches. Lucy is well on the mend now. She had her stitches removed the other day and everything seems to be healing up nicely. You can see all the “before and afters” on our social media.

Looking towards the future, I still have a lot of things to pray about and discern concerning the ministry. I can picture some things I’d like to do, and where to do them, with the Aquaponics Farming; but for now I’m referring to them as ideas and not visions. I’m still waiting to hear whether its from the Lord or not. Also, I’d be blessed beyond belief if I were able to finish up the Bible Study Course in its entirety by June. It would make this year’s summer trip for the youth a memorable one; announcing the opening of the School of Ministry. Its certainly possible, but quite advantageous at the same time. I have to make more of an effort to get into our house. As you may or may not know, our family of 5…plus 4 dogs…and as of last summer, a cat; we’re all living in a studio apartment thats about 400 sqft. This is our second winter in the apartment. The situation is wearing thin on the family. Balancing the priorities of working on the house and the Bible Study Course curriculum (which seems as if it could be the primary source of income towards the house) is kind of a game of teeter-totter.

Its been a long while since I’ve posted about any house updates. It’s current status is that its basically a shell at this point. I’ll begin running the wiring either sporadically this month or waiting until February when I return from the conference. The work that remains is: electrical, plumbing, and insulating/drywall. We’re also tossing around the idea of whether or not to pursue adding on a small section to the south side of the house. If its going to be done; doing while the whole house is gutted would be the smartest time to do it.

We covet your prayers and look forward to what the Lord has in store for His ministry here in Wilsey in 2017. God bless!